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2023, 41(2): 0-0.  
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A retrospective cohort study on high-frequency hearing loss of workers occupationally exposed to noise in shipbuilding enterprise
WANG Wenpeng, HUANG Yunbiao, LI Gang, SHEN Huiping
2023, 41(2): 127-132.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.001
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  Objective  To observe the effect of different occupational noise exposure levels on high-frequency hearing loss in shipbuilding workers.  Methods  A retrospective cohort study was carried out in a shipbuilding enterprise in Pudong, Shanghai, by which the hearing test data of noise-exposed workers from 2016 to 2020 were collected. The workers were divided into three groups according to their exposure level, namely the high exposure group [≥ 90.0 dB(A)], the moderate exposure group [85.0-90.0 dB(A)], and the low exposure group [ < 85.0 dB(A)]. A Cox proportional hazards regression model was used to analyze the influencing factors for high-frequency hearing loss.  Results  Totally 1 240 workers were included in the cohort in 2016, while 105 workers were added and 85 were lost during the follow-up period until December 31, 2020; 1 260 noise-exposed workers completed one or more health examinations and hearing tests, and 154 subjects had high-frequency hearing loss with an incidence rate of 12.22%. The results of the Cox proportional hazards regression model showed that the risk of high-frequency hearing loss among workers in the middle and high exposure groups was higher than that in the low exposure group (P < 0.01), with RR (95% CI) values of 4.594 (2.874-7.345) and 5.355 (3.277-8.749), respectively. Compared with workers exposed for less than 5 years, those exposed for 15-24 years, longer than or equal to 25 years, had an increased risk of high-frequency hearing loss (P < 0.01), with RR (95% CI) values of 3.883 (1.397-10.794) and 4.317 (1.542-12.085), respectively. Compared with non-exposed workers, the workers with exposure to multiple occupational hazards increased the risk of high-frequency hearing loss (P < 0.01), with a RR (95% CI) of 2.057 (1.627-3.030).  Conclusions  The incidence of high-frequency hearing loss was high among workers exposed to noise in shipbuilding enterprises. Enterprises should actively seek effective intervention measures to reduce noise exposure intensity and exposure time to protect workers' hearing health.
Correlation between pulmonary function and chest radiograph fibrosis score in pneumoconiosis patients
MA Li, CUI Ping, JING Hua, LI Juan, WU Yuan, ZHANG Yanyan, SHAO Hua
2023, 41(2): 133-136.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.002
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  Objective  To explore the correlation between pulmonary function and chest radiograph fibrosis score among patients with pneumoconiosis.  Methods  A total of 100 patients with pneumoconiosis treated at the Shandong Academy of Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine from November 2020 to April 2021 were studied. The chest digital radiography of these patients was evaluated, and the fibrosis score was assessed based on the density of shadow in each lung area on the chest X-ray. The relationship between the score of pulmonary fibrosis and pulmonary function was analyzed.  Results  Among 100 male cases of pneumoconiosis, 37 cases were in the first stage, 41 cases in the second stage, and 22 cases in the third stage. 34 cases had lung function impairment, including 22 mild, 11 moderate, and 1 severe case, with an incidence of 27.02% in the first stage, 29.26% in the second stage, and 54.54% in the third stage; the difference was significant (P < 0.05). The fibrosis score increased with the pneumoconiosis stage (P < 0.01), and the forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1), FEV1/FVC, 75% maximal expiratory flow (MEF75), and 50% maximal expiratory flow (MEF50) decreased (P < 0.05). The scores of pulmonary fibrosis were negatively correlated with FVC, FEV1, MEF75, MEF50, 25% vital capacity (MEF25), and the single breath diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide (DLCO SB) (r=- 0.339, - 0.431, - 0.334, - 0.362, - 0.369, - 0.245, P < 0.05). The patients with more severe pulmonary function had a higher score of fibrosis (P < 0.05).  Conclusions  The fibrosis score on the chest radiograph of pneumoconiosis patients is a useful indicator for the clinician to evaluate the lung function damage caused by pneumoconiosis.
Pneumoconiosis rehabilitation station reduced the direct economic loss of patients in Chongqing
BAI Lu, LIU Yongsheng, LUO Dong
2023, 41(2): 137-139.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.003
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  Objective  To explore the benefit of the pneumoconiosis rehabilitation station for pneumoconiosis patients in both their rehabilitation and reducing the economic burden.  Methods  The retrospective epidemiological surveys were carried out in October 2018 and October 2019, respectively. The general conditions of pneumoconiosis patients in the pneumoconiosis rehabilitation stations, the number of outpatient visits and hospitalizations, and the costs for these treatments in the past year were investigated, and the direct economic loss of pneumoconiosis patients was analyzed. The subjects included in the 2018 survey were those who had just entered the rehabilitation station and had not yet undergone rehabilitation training, while the subjects included in the 2019 survey were those who had entered the rehabilitation station after October 2018 to carry out rehabilitation training and had completed more than two courses of rehabilitation training.  Results  A total of 82 male pneumoconiosis patients were investigated in 2018, and 142 male cases were investigated in 2019. In 2019, the median (P25, P75) of the average number of outpatient visits and outpatient expenses, hospitalization times, and hospitalization expenses of pneumoconiosis patients who had received pneumoconiosis rehabilitation training were 4 (2, 6) times and 10 000 (3 000, 13 500) yuan, 4.5 (2, 6) times and 20 000 (9 450, 30 000) yuan, respectively. All these were lower than those of the pneumoconiosis patients who did not undergo rehabilitation training in 2018, with the average number of outpatient visits [2 (1, 5) times], outpatient expenses [400 (120, 1 136) yuan], hospitalization expenses [2 (1, 3) times], and hospitalization expenses [3 000 (285, 8 250) yuan], and the difference was significant (P < 0.05).  Conclusions  The direct economic loss of pneumoconiosis patients is relatively high. The systemic intervention therapy in the pneumoconiosis rehabilitation station can reduce the economic loss of pneumoconiosis patients.
Influence of job requirements on the work performance of medical staff in Hangzhou: a study based on the mediating effect of autonomous motivation
QIU Gonghang, WANG Haixia, JIN Jiayao, YU Yi, YE Feng, ZHANG Meng, HUANG Xianhong
2023, 41(2): 140-145.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.004
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  Objective  To explore the mediating role of medical staff's autonomous motivation in the association between job requirements and job performance and to provide countermeasures and suggestions for improving medical staff's job performance.  Methods  By the convenience sampling method, 901 medical staff from 6 hospitals in Hangzhou were surveyed with the job demand scale, the autonomous motivation scale, and the job performance scale. The structural equation model was used to analyze the direct and indirect effects of job demand and autonomous motivation on job performance.  Results  Finally, 813 valid questionnaires were collected, with an effective recovery rate of 90.2%. In terms of job performance, the married medical staff scored higher, while those without a professional title or with working time less than 5 years scored lower (P < 0.05). The job requirements had a direct impact on job performance (β = 0.30, P < 0.01), which was indirectly affected through autonomous motivation (β = 0.069, P < 0.01), and the indirect effect percentage was 18.70%.  Conclusions  Autonomous motivation had a positive mediating effect on the association between job demands and job performance. Hospital managers should pay more attention to the working feelings of medical staff and give targeted guidance to medical staff with different levels of motivation to improve their autonomous motivation and, furthermore, to improve their work performance.
Investigation on occupational stress and job burnout of 887 underground coal mine workers
ZHAO Haili, Busharemu SIDIKE, DOU Hong, LIU Wei, LIU Jiwen, Saiyidan YALIMAIMAITI, NING Li
2023, 41(2): 146-151.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.005
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  Objective  To investigate the current situation and the relevant affecting factors of job burnout among underground coal mine workers in order to protect the physical and mental health of coal miners.  Methods  A total of 950 underground workers in a coal mine in Xinjiang were investigated by cluster sampling. The effort-reward imbalance questionnaire (ERI) and Maslach burnout inventory (MBI) were used to investigate occupational stress and job burnout. A multiple linear regression model was used to analyze the related factors of job burnout.  Results  Totally 887 valid questionnaires were collected, and the effective recovery rate was 93.4%. The main occupational hazard factors in the production process of the coal mine were coal dust, silica dust, toxic and harmful gases, noise, hand-transmitted vibration, heat stress, power frequency electric fields, ultraviolet radiation, and so on. Among the 887 subjects, 860 were men; 764 (86.13%) had high occupational stress, while 839 (94.59%) had job burnout, including 388 (43.74%) with mild, 392 (44.19%) with moderate, and 59 (6.65%) with high burnout. The results of multivariate regression analysis showed that the total scores of job burnout for the workers with work time of 15-30 years or more than 30 years were increased by 2.259 and 5.642 points, respectively, compared with the workers with work time less than 15 years (P < 0.05). The total score of job burnout increased by 3.080 points among shift workers compared to fixed day shift workers (P < 0.05) and increased by 3.106 points among workers in the ERI > 1 group compared with workers in the ERI ≤ 1 group (P < 0.05).  Conclusions  The situation of occupational stress and job burnout among underground coal mine workers was severe. Managers in the coal mining industry should regularly monitor the occupational psychological status of these workers and take positive measures to reduce the occurrence of occupational stress and job burnout and, finally, to protect their health.
Situation and influencing factors of on-site first-aid ability of vocational college students in Mianyang City
DONG Min, ZHOU Fan, WU Xuehua, WANG Jinyu, XU Xiao, HE Yan
2023, 41(2): 152-155.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.006
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Analysis of risk factors for perioperative hypertension in emergency trauma patientsand management suggestions
YU Jing, TAO Rixin, WANG Shuai
2023, 41(2): 156-160.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.007
[Abstract](28) [FullText HTML](11) [PDF 674KB](2)
  Objective  To analyze the risk factors for perioperative hypertension in patients with emergency trauma and put forward suggestions for management.  Methods  The clinical data of 168 patients with emergency trauma from March 2020 to December 2021 were analyzed retrospectively, and the incidence of perioperative hypertension was recorded. According to the occurrence of perioperative hypertension, the patients were divided into a hypertension group and a non-hypertension group. The general data of the two groups were compared. A multivariate logistic regression model was used to analyze the risk factors for perioperative hypertension in patients with emergency trauma.  Results  Among 168 patients with emergency trauma, 47 developed perioperative hypertension with an incidence of 27.98%. The results of the logistic regression analysis showed that, compared with the patients aged less than 45 years, with an ISS score less than 16, or without a history of diabetes, the perioperative risk of hypertension in patients aged more than or equal to 45 years, with an ISS score more than or equal to 16, or with a history of diabetes, increased by 2.217, 2.416, and 1.984 times, respectively. The risk of hypertension increased by 1.200 times when CRP increased by 1.0 mg/L. The effective rate of antihypertensive therapy for patients with postoperative hypertension was 82.98%. There was no significant difference in hospitalization time between the two groups (P>0.05). The incidences of abnormal renal function and heart failure in the hypertension group were 8.51% and 12.77%, respectively, which were higher than 0.83% and 4.13% in the non-hypertension group, and the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05).  Conclusions  In order to reduce the treatment risk of acute trauma patients with advanced age, a history of diabetes, and a high level of CRP, we should strengthen blood pressure monitoring, pay attention to the changes in related indexes of renal function and cardiac function, and carry out targeted management.
Investigation on occupational protection status and influencing factors of nursing assistants in top general hospitals in Shanghai
LIU Congxiang, CHEN Qinglin, LIU Yanjie, WU Juan, JIANG Xiaoling, NIU Wenjing, LI Jie, WANG Yuchen, CHEN Mimi
2023, 41(2): 161-165.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.008
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Comparison and application of OWAS and RULA in postural load assessment among workers in an iron and steel industry
YU Shaobo, JIA Ning, XU Ming, GAO Yue, YU Zhengmin, ZHAO Liangliang, LIU Xiaowen, SUN Qiannan, ZHANG Hengdong, WANG Zhongxu
2023, 41(2): 166-171.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.009
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  Objective  To compare the application of two job posture load assessment methods, the Ovako working posture analysis system (OWAS) and the rapid entire body assessment (RULA), in the iron and steel industry and to understand the ergonomic load of workers, providing the basis for ergonomic intervention measures.  Methods  Totally 35 main work activities in an iron and steel industry were investigated, and video capture of each activity was carried out. OWAS and RULA were used to assess the postural overloads, and the results derived from the two methods were compared.  Results  The assessment with the OWAS method showed there were 4 low (11.4%), 20 medium (57.1%), 9 high (25.7%), and 2 extremely high risk activities (5.7%). The assessment with the RULA method evaluated showed there were 4 low (11.4%), 17 medium (48.6%), 10 high (28.6%), and 4 extremely high risk activities (11.4%); 30 work activities were assessed at the same level of risk by these two methods with a consistency rate of 85.7%, and for the remaining 5 activities, OWAS assessed a lower risk level than RULA. The Kappa statistic showed that the two methods had strong consistency (Kappa value = 0.773, P < 0.05). The results showed that the risk grade of iron-making, steel-making, and special steel divisions was higher (P < 0.05).  Conclusions  These two methods of risk assessment were highly consistent in the iron and steel industries. Compared with OWAS, RULA was more sensitive to the working posture with high biomechanical load on upper limbs and neck-back and could better reflect the risk level of working activities in the iron and steel industries.
Assessment of occupational health risk in electric welding workplaces with three methods
YE Kaiyou, LIU Xiaoxiao, PAN Yinjun, LU Chenru, ZHAO Hongcheng
2023, 41(2): 172-176.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.010
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Application of semi-quantitative occupational health risk assessment method in painting booth of an enterprise
WU Songgang, SHANG Yi, HUO Tingting
2023, 41(2): 177-180.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.011
[Abstract](20) [FullText HTML](2) [PDF 523KB](6)
Investigation on occupational medical examination of workers before job leaving in a district of Shanghai
WANG Zhenyu, TANG Yubin, ZHANG Ping, XIA Qing
2023, 41(2): 181-184.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.012
[Abstract](24) [FullText HTML](13) [PDF 514KB](4)
Simulation analysis of volatile organic compounds in spray paint post of automobile maintenance enterprises by static headspace GC-MS
LIU Mengmeng, XIA Yiping, ZHANG Wanchao, FENG Linmin, LIU Baofeng, ZENG Qiang
2023, 41(2): 185-188.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.013
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Investigation on management of dangerous chemicals in laboratories of Middle Schools in Shanghai
OUYANG Fang, FU Huihui, BAI Dan
2023, 41(2): 189-192.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.015
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Emergency management
Importance ranking of chemical hazard monitoring areas based on similarity
ZHANG Hongyuan, SHI Yimeng
2023, 41(2): 193-199, 205.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.017
[Abstract](12) [FullText HTML](9) [PDF 1028KB](3)
  Objective  To overcome the subjective limitations and uncertainty of results in the traditional judgment on key areas of chemical hazard monitoring and to improve the scientific selection of important areas of chemical hazard monitoring.  Methods  Based on the statistical analysis of the factors affecting the importance of chemical hazard monitoring, a scientific quantitative model was constructed to rank the importance of chemical hazard monitoring areas. The index weights of subjective and objective weighting methods were compared by Spearman rank correlation coefficient analysis, and three ranking methods were judged comprehensively by Kendall correlation analysis. In this paper, a spearman-based combined AHP, EWM, and FAHP assignment method (S-AEF) and a Kendall-based W, TOPSIS, and VIKOR integrated ranking method (K-WTV) were proposed to rank the importance of chemical hazard monitoring areas.  Results  As an example, taking a certain area of a large city as a chemical hazard monitoring area, the similarity between the results calculated by S-AEF combined with the K-WTV method and multiplicative synthesis method, the optimal weighting method, and the game theory weighting method was 0.659, 0.913, and 0.659, respectively, which were larger than the critical value and basically consistent with the judgment of practical experience, which demonstrated the feasibility of this method.  Conclusions  The proposed method was objective, feasible, applicable, and scientifically reasonable. It can provide a new idea for solving uncertain problems, such as the ranking of the importance of chemical hazard monitoring areas.
Study on risk management and emergency strategy of acute poisoning due to liquid chlorine leakage based on accident simulation
LI Minyan, WANG Jianchao, ZHANG Qian, HUANG Deyin
2023, 41(2): 200-205.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.016
[Abstract](59) [FullText HTML](7) [PDF 819KB](10)
Current situation of early warning information release of emergencies in Shanghai and improvement thinking
BAO Xuejun, WANG Rui, WU Jinxiu
2023, 41(2): 206-210.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.018
[Abstract](10) [FullText HTML](1) [PDF 730KB](3)
Practice and thinking on construction of an emergency medical supply security system in megacities
XIAO Misu, ZHU Wenqing, HUANG Xiaoyan, NI Yuanfeng, WU Wenhui, JIN Guangyu, ZHOU Zhiqin, HU Hongyi
2023, 41(2): 211-214.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.019
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In vitro study on the role of reduced lipid degradation capacity induced by bisphenol F in triggering lipid accumulation in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
ZHANG Linwei, XUE Jing, XIAO Hang, GAO Rong, WANG Jun
2023, 41(2): 215-219.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.020
[Abstract](20) [FullText HTML](11) [PDF 1709KB](4)
  Objective  From the perspective of lipid degradation, the effects of bisphenol F (BPF) exposure on lipolysis, fatty acid oxidation, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels in HepG2 cells were described.  Methods  HepG2 cells were used to construct an in vitro exposure model. The effects of BPF on the lipid degradation pathway were observed by real-time quantitative PCR, confocal microscopy, and Western blot.  Results  BPF exposure reduced the mRNA and protein expression of the rate-limiting enzymes, adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) and hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL), in HepG2 cells (P < 0.05). The mRNA and protein expressions of the fatty acid oxidation-related proteins, carnitine palmitoyl transferase 1α (CPT1α) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α (PPAR α), were decreased (P < 0.05), and the ROS level from mitochondria was increased (P < 0.01). This caused the accumulation of lipid droplets.  Conclusions  BPF exposure reduced lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation in HepG2 cells and increased the level of ROS derived from mitochondria, which may be one of the important reasons for the occurrence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)-like changes.
Protective effect of glycyrrhizic acid monosaccharide on acute lung injury caused by single-walled carbon nanotubes in mice
ZHANG Xiaoli, LI Bo, SHAO Wei, SHEN Tong, ZHANG Jing
2023, 41(2): 220-223.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.021
[Abstract](28) [FullText HTML](11) [PDF 7573KB](3)
  Objective  To evaluate the protective effect of glycyrrhizic acid monoglucuronide (GAMG) on acute lung injury induced by single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) in mice.  Methods  A total of 30 female C57/BL mice, aged 7-8 weeks, were randomly divided into 3 groups, namely the negative control group (normal saline 40 μg/trachea), the SWCNT model group (SWCNT 40 μg/trachea), and the GAMG treatment group (SWCNT 40 μg/trachea + GAMG 200 mg/kg). The mice in the GAMG treatment group were given GAMG intraperitoneally once a day for 3 days, while the mice in the other groups were given blank solvent at the same time. The pathological changes of lung tissue and the changes of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) were observed, the protein expression of the TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB signal pathway was detected by immunohistochemistry, and the contents of NF-κB and HSP47 were detected by immunofluorescence.  Results  The degree of lung injury in the GAMG treatment group was obviously alleviated. Compared with the SWCNT group, the levels of MCP-1 and IL-6 in BALF, the expression of TLR4 and MyD88, and the expression of NF-κB p65 and HSP47 in lung tissue were decreased in the GAMG treatment group (P < 0.01).  Conclusions  GAMG could significantly ameliorate SWCNT-induced acute lung injury and inhibit the activation of the TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB signal pathway in the lung.
Surveillance and practice
Thinking on medical emergency rescue work against liquid propellant accidents
QU Mingyue, HE Qican, YU Nan, WANG Kai, SONG Jiachun, GUO Baoshi
2023, 41(2): 224-227.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.022
[Abstract](14) [FullText HTML](15) [PDF 727KB](6)
Practice and thought on promoting healthy enterprise campaign in petroleum and petrochemical companies
DONG Yongzhao
2023, 41(2): 228-232.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.023
[Abstract](21) [FullText HTML](7) [PDF 847KB](7)
Review on early wound treatment of chemical skin burns
WANG Jie, ZHANG Xuetao
2023, 41(2): 233-236.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.024
[Abstract](16) [FullText HTML](12) [PDF 756KB](4)
Application progress of bedside monitoring technology in emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation
LIU Congyan, ZHANG Sisen, WANG Hongyu
2023, 41(2): 237-241.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.025
[Abstract](16) [FullText HTML](6) [PDF 618KB](3)
Research progress on application status of antineoplastic drugs cleaning solution
CHENG Jintao, ZHANG Shuangfei, YUAN Meng, HUANG Xiaohong
2023, 41(2): 242-246.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.026
[Abstract](21) [FullText HTML](3) [PDF 731KB](3)
Research progress of measuring technologies of biorhythm for occupational population with special work-rest cycle
DUAN Wei, YE Peng, WANG Wen, LI Dongfang, TAN Xing, WANG Weizhong
2023, 41(2): 247-253.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.027
[Abstract](11) [FullText HTML](7) [PDF 907KB](3)
Research progress on sleep quality of nurses
JI Chulei, ZHANG Xianjie, ZHOU Yukai
2023, 41(2): 254-258.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2023.02.028
[Abstract](13) [FullText HTML](9) [PDF 714KB](8)
Characteristics of occupational disease reported in China during 2009 to 2018
WANG Haitao, YANG Li, SU Yajiao, QIN Zhenwei, ZHANG Xiaotong, LI Chan, ZHU Hongru, FAN Hongmin
2020, 38(2): 178-182.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2020.02.022
[Abstract](969) [FullText HTML](309) [PDF 901KB](109)
Intervention of mental health risks of female nurses engaged in nursing patients with
YU Wenlan, SUN Daoyuan
2020, 38(2): 106-108, 151.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2020.02.002
[Abstract](697) [FullText HTML](262) [PDF 693KB](38)
Health effects of cobalt and its compounds
LIU Wuzhong, WANG Jianmin, ZHANG Hong, HUANG Hutao
2016, 34(2): 111-113.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2016.02.007
[Abstract](852) [PDF 424KB](32)
Development history and prospect of pneumoconiosis prevention and treatment in China
LI Zhimin
2019, 37(5): 397-401.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2019.05.001
[Abstract](695) [FullText HTML](233) [PDF 2920KB](59)
Investigation on the current situation of occupational health technical service institutions in Shanghai and analysis on the quality of technical services
2016, 34(3): 203-206.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2016.03.008
[Abstract](457) [PDF 461KB](16)
Present situation and problem of pneumoconiosis prevention and control in coal mines and proposed countermeasures in China
FAN Jingguang, ZHANG Jianfang, WANG Haijiao, WANG Xuetao, TANG Aihua, LIU Qicai
2021, 39(1): 1-5.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2021.01.001
[Abstract](484) [FullText HTML](353) [PDF 798KB](88)
Characteristics of chronic occupational n-hexane poisoning cases in Shenzhen from 2006 to 2015
GUO Meiqiong, GUO Xiang, LIN Hui, HE Jian
2016, 34(2): 107-110.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2016.02.006
[Abstract](407) [PDF 512KB](3)
Comparison of domestic and foreign standards for medical personal protective equipment
LANG Nan, YUAN Yuan, ZHOU Jing
2020, 38(2): 112-115.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2020.02.004
[Abstract](531) [FullText HTML](179) [PDF 575KB](24)
Investigation on mass event of occupational n-hexane poisoning and suggestion of countermeasures
HU Liecong, YE Lihe, FAN Yanqiong, ZHUNG xiaozhou
2017, 35(4): 393-395.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2017.04.030
[Abstract](285) [FullText HTML](93) [PDF 8046KB](6)
Study of clinical characteristics of mercury poisonings via different exposure routes
ZHANG Yili, LIU Weiwei, LIU Yimin
2015, 33(4): 234-237.   doi: 10.16369/j.oher.issn.1007-1326.2015.04.002
[Abstract](403) [PDF 601KB](2)